About to pull the trigger on a multimeter

I’ve checked reviews and tried to be a bit more realistic about my needs vs. current financial resources and came up with this:

Uni T

Anyone had any experience with this meter?


Yes :wink:
I have the 61C and are totally overwhelmed by quality/price ratio - only the beeping auto off feature sucks.

Edit: I did get proper measuring cords, though…

Thanks Frank, coming from you that is certainly good enough praise for me. Would “measuring cords” be fcd72-speak for test leads?

Something like this

Damn, this looks pretty useful !

That is a nice set. I was just going to pick up some Fluke leads, that’s about the only thing I can afford from Fluke. Nightworxx, there are all sorts of reviews and discussions on this multimeter, lots of positive stuff. I just placed my order.

I originally meant the test lead set Frank posted, as i already own a functionally similar multimeter :wink:

Oh, so that was the this that you were referring to. Got it.