About to Begin

MidiPal kit arrived yesterday. I have all the tools. I read pichenettes article (several times). I’ve watched the Aussie video a thousand times now.

I plan to build this weekend. Any last words of wisdom from those who have done SMT before? This will be my first SMT project…

Don’t have to much Coffee in advance…

Did you guys find you needed to turn your iron temperature down? What temp do you use for SMT?

I work at 290°. If possible, I switch to a brand new tip.

just use tons of flux
good for your lungs, good for your midipal

The ATMega IC is the least of your worries. It’s those diddy resistors and capacitors are the hard part.

Get a light and magnifier for reading the resistor values. The capacitors you’ll have to either measure or work out based on their quantity.

Hello Shrutiyer !
I’m joining to this thread for a similar question.

I want to change my soldering iron.
Could you advise me to buy a soldering iron or station.
Mine is a 25w ANTEX too powerful.


i have some natty glasses!

This post will end here i think.

The caps are unmarked? My meter requires that caps have legs…you have to insert them into a slot. Same with transistors…


if you got the full kit, the included caps, (altough unmarked) are in such quantities as to be impossible to mix up - just don’t take them out of the packaging until you are are ready to solder.


I can recommend this one - holds temperature ±5 ° no matter if soldering SMT or good ole Rev 0.5 Digital Board Groundplane - guess you could do Plumbing at your Gutter with it as well…

I have heard good things about the Hakko 888 and 951 irons. You can get them at Sparkfun among other places…

Looks like something Kindergarten would buy :wink:

“Today kids, we will be making the next batch of MIDIpals. Please sign this waver first.” Nevermind those burns Jimmy, thems DIY battle scars. Wear 'em proudly.

Interesting, it almost feels like we have rode this rail before… Cross-contaminating derailmentitus™!

Here’s must watch soldering tutorial #1 in which the Hakko is recommended.

Here’s must watch soldering tutorial #2 which is all about through-hole solderation™.

Here’s must watch soldering tutorial #3 in which Dave takes us through SMT soldering using a variety of techniques.

I’m thinking about upgrading to a Hakko when my Weller dies.

I’m also thinking about retirement in the Swiss Alps.

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Derailed by chocolate? (not a bad way to go)

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