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Is it time to riff on this Instagram feed?



We have a winner!


I’m so glad this turned into a nonsensical capybara thread.


Someone please draw a micofreak-band-of-drawings-sized sticker of frolicking capybaras now please.


How about a capybara chewing on a modular instead?





And we have a winner! :star_struck:

Modulargrid link to the capybara system?


Sounds like the mythical MI modular system you once mentioned but decided not to do after all will henceforth be known as “The Cabybara System”. :wink:


doepfer midi->cv, turing machine, pulses, plaits, that STG sequencer, maths and some output module :stuck_out_tongue:
dont judge, Im procrastinating!


That’s actually remarkable. I based that on my own small modular case, but with modules omitted and some of the modules simplified (it is a drawing after all). But in that system you will currently find a disting with midi expander, turing machine, plaits, a varigate 4+ (bears a striking resemblance to the STG module), math, and rosie (MN output module).
@pichenettes Here’s the link


the perks of being a synth geek :smiley:
I didnt say it before, wonderful drawing, you hit the deeply relaxed facial expression of the capybara perfectly!