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With the exception of the ‘Inspirations’…

Arturia ripped off Aubrey Beardsley!!


Merci Émilie pour ces précisions, C’est toujours dérangeant de devoir ce justifier mais heureusement que tu apportes une lumière à cette histoire.

Et merci de faire des modules exceptionnels, je suis un fan du Warps, il ne bougera pas de mon système celui-là!

Bien à toi,

Census of totally dreailed Threads

Not trying to reprimand you but once upon a time they was a « please use english » policy on this forum to let anyone participate to the conversation. I thing it was a good habit.


ALso people not writing in English are usually greeted with Capybara pictures here. So here it comes!



Is it just me, or is the prospect of Capybara more likely to encourage writing in other languages?

Zum Beispiel, wenn ich hier auf Deutsch schreibe, bekomm ich auch schöne Capybarabilder? :smiley:



Bon job avec l’extension des lashes des yeux, capi! Well-deserved pause casse-croûte!


Capybaras are NOT freaks.


Le Capi barra la voie et Vitalis se tut. Trêve. Rémi rageait, fautif.
Le capybara la voit, et vite Alice se tue. Très vrai mirage (et faux tifs).

(Lacan - “Trips à la mode de…”)


Capiteux caprices compulsivement catapultés aux quelques scalps en capacité de comprendre…
De quoi se faire capturer par des capos trop curieux, puis piqués et confinés entre quatre coins capitonnés !


Petit capybara captif, petit capybara captif, quand te dé-petit-capybara-captiveras-tu ? Je me dé-petit-capybara-captiverai quand tous les petits capybaras captifs se dé-petit-capybara-captiveront.


i liked it better here when i could understand what people were saying.


DeepL is getting seriously good. I did not expect it to make it sense of pathologically grammatical text!


so is this the official end of your english-only policy?
i always thought that was a rather good thing…


I think we’ve reached a point where there are no longer any rules in this topic :smiley:


Don’t be so sad. Most of us French people sing English songs without understanding the lyrics…
Take these words as songs, sing with us !!



Just like a lot of the English then…

(Ps COI declaration: British/English person here… just for clarity)



It’s been quite a while since a thread was so epicly derailed!
I’ll add it here: Census of totally dreailed Threads


Auch Ich bin stolzer Eigentümer einiger Photographien dieser majestätischen Kreaturen.