About the Microfreak


Well i think inspiration is maybe even one step further back… To me it also really looks like a Shruthi with keys and different user interface.

But at a certain point all subtractive synths start too look alike


They have removed the MI logo and only mention their friends at Mutable.
Seems ok to me now.


Impressive how they made more than a single friend at a one-women company! :joy:


I thought the same. But then you‘d expect a company as well known as MI to have more than one employee so I guess this sounds more normal than the singular.


Obviously they compared creativity and output to their own company and then calculatedt there must be some 1670+ people working over at MI.


As if someone really would have missed my uninformed blalant contributions. You’re just incapable of derailing anything yourselves…

But yes, its really really nice to be back and see most of you are still here, keeping up the old spirit. Great!


look at the bottom of the details page, nothing has changed.

i applaud Emilie’s cool head, and am always refreshed with her ability to generate a positive logical analysis without emotional clouding (that’s an engineer for ya!) and here again, she’s right of course. no point in stirring up a stink when there’s nothing to be lost or gained. it’s done.


If nothing else, its the least expensive easel/wasp style cv contact keyboard, arp and sequencer on the market. Over all, it could be interesting. Its too bad that there was such a marketing, um, hiccup?

Until clarification (a whole 2 hours :yum:) I thought that Émilie had a larger roll in this thing like others, and thought she had kept it a close secret as she prefers to do with new modules. I was at work so only got to glance at the spec sheet and not the video. Too bad.

I wonder if we’d all have had a different reaction to it had the marketing been handled differently, or if the the plaits oscillators were “user banks” ported in like the prologue.

My only hope is that if @pichenettes is interested in a true design collaboration on a stand alone unit with a larger synth company in thr future, that this has not hurt those options.


The algorithms are my only friends.


I will probably get one… I almost said “it looks good” but honestly it looks kind of gross. However, the functionality seems to offer lots of things I want, at a price that’s hard to refuse.


And I think there is no whirligig in the box. And that’s a big deal :wink:


Could @fcd72 design an oversized Grabbling Depreviator case for it, please?


Very cool then.
When I saw it I was like Wow! Very cool, tho I was thrown off by the bad tribute to the aesthetic. Every time I think of MI I think in the work of @Papernoise. This was a very bad copy.
I really hope that this is a honest mistake.



A copy of what, exactly? Sorry, but I can’t see the similarity, myself.


I think “copy” means “text” here. It’s ad people slang. A copywriter is the person who writes the slogans/text for promo material and ads.




You mean the graphics we were discussing a few days ago that you already said you couldn’t see the similarity of? Those graphics? Well, some of us clearly can see the similarity. And to me at least, it is blatantly obvious too :slight_smile:


We can all agree that MI’s aesthetics is a big part of the brand and we all love it. I think it’s no coincidence that Arturia copied the vibe, sure it’s not that it’s restrictive to any other brand, but let’s not be naive about it, “collaborating” with Emilie, and painting the paisley pattern, the peacock, the general Indian graphic on the synth gives the impression of a closer collab.



Merci Mutable Instrument pour voir ouverture et votre clarté .



You’re only talking about the strip of graphics on the slopes section above the keyboard, I presume.

I don’t see any Paisley there. There are some stylised peacocks, and some other bits and pieces, but to my knowledge, no branded MI module, packaging, manual, webpage or publicity material features peacocks, or indeed any direct representation of wildlife of any sort.