About the Microfreak

I think it has to be cc-by, at least for the source code…

Thanks @pichenettes for the clarification.
I personally don’t feel attracted by the microfreak. The keyboard, and the 4 “voice” paraphony are absolutely not appealing to me.
I would be much more interested in a real, deep, 8 voice-polyphonic MI synth with an expressive keyboard, with polyphonic aftertouch and whatever expression controls. This would not have to be cheap. I would die for such an instrument that would allow me to play your physical models with a great number of polyphony voices.
Hopefully some day ?

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The CC licenses only apply to the hardware design for the modules. The software uses either GPL3.0 for the AVR projects and MIT for the STM32F projects.

Plaits is a STM32F project, so MIT applies, which allows re-licensing of derivative works. Arturia is under no obligation to release anything.

Looks like - besides using some Code which is OK by Émilies choice - they also tried to hijack some of MIs credibility for marketing benefit, which is perceived as questionable since it seems not to be Émilies choice this being labeled as colaboration.

Thats the issue. Right?


Yes. The way Arturia’s marketing copy is written seems disingenuous. After reading that I assumed Émilies had been involved with part of the design of the instrument beyond Arturia’s use of the Plaits source code. Maybe that was unreasonable of me.

My first impression was something like “Émilie would habe never approved something this ugly aesthetically challenging”. Then reading the term “first colaboration” was a bit weird. So your assumption was not that unreasonable, as it was mine, too.
Im totally OK with her view that Arturia claiming a colaboration clould somehow damage the MI Brand thus having the need to clarify this Issue.
As she said - ill now move on and just not buy it.

This is such a shame, they did that!
I think you Emily, should ask them politely to post PUBLICLY, that you’ve had no input in this product. Marketing angle they showing you in, is very much destructive for your image.
At the end they simply used your Brand to boost their profit. Not that the “Brand is Open Source” …code is.
i would ask them also to remove any MI branding in their public postings. This is really not fair!


Damn Girl, we do care that you are happy because otherwise we are not happy.
Ask them to remove the branding and sending good karma and vibes from BRUSSELS to you!


Associating Mutable Instruments with masturbation is coarse.
I do believe Arturia marketing will rectify this quickly.

Well, there’s a lot of often more subtle double entendre in MI product names and marketing copy, so that was probably intended as a honest homage… :slight_smile:

Except for the association you took offensive of, they seem to have toned down their marketing copy just now.

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Oh ? Pardon my French :wink:
Totally haven’t caught such aspect.

yes, it already looks much better now. the “teamed up with” bit and most of the “collaborations” are gone. at this point, there is only one “collaboration” left on the bottom of the page. that will probably go, too.

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I will just leave this here :slight_smile:


To be fair though I probably wouldn’t have been interested in the MicroFreak if a quick scan hadn’t clearly stated “Plaits”, I think if fairly large manufacturers are going to make significant gains from the association they should at least insist on making a donation to a cause of your choosing or put a percentage of profit from each unit toward a charity, that would be in the spirit of MI’s unusual business model and clarify your lack of culpability regarding any products using or adapting your code.


I wonder if they’ve also used some of Marbles’ code for their “spice and dice” sequencer features. I don’t know one way or the other of course, but it wouldn’t surprise me.


Interesting how the Synth Anatomy person was also confused by Aturia’s mention of “collaboration”:

Someone from Arturia has sent apologies and the site is being reworked.

One more reason to close all those browser tabs.




Maybe after the Microfreak you can work on a real collaboration? :slight_smile: I think in theory Arturia is a good fit. They are also located in France and are open for innovation :slight_smile: