About the Microfreak

yes, it already looks much better now. the “teamed up with” bit and most of the “collaborations” are gone. at this point, there is only one “collaboration” left on the bottom of the page. that will probably go, too.

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I will just leave this here :slight_smile:


To be fair though I probably wouldn’t have been interested in the MicroFreak if a quick scan hadn’t clearly stated “Plaits”, I think if fairly large manufacturers are going to make significant gains from the association they should at least insist on making a donation to a cause of your choosing or put a percentage of profit from each unit toward a charity, that would be in the spirit of MI’s unusual business model and clarify your lack of culpability regarding any products using or adapting your code.


I wonder if they’ve also used some of Marbles’ code for their “spice and dice” sequencer features. I don’t know one way or the other of course, but it wouldn’t surprise me.


Interesting how the Synth Anatomy person was also confused by Aturia’s mention of “collaboration”:

Someone from Arturia has sent apologies and the site is being reworked.

One more reason to close all those browser tabs.




Maybe after the Microfreak you can work on a real collaboration? :slight_smile: I think in theory Arturia is a good fit. They are also located in France and are open for innovation :slight_smile:




This has to be one of the more bizarre synth releases i’ve seen in my lifetime!
Still, it seems the air is clearer now?

Which is just as well because I actually quite like the synth! Not sure if i’d buy one however… Too many synths here not getting enough love as it is.


At the very least, I hope Arturia will send you the finished product!


Um, dare I say it may have been “Transition Dreams” from Egan’s Luminous anthology?

Edit: oooh, that Lai jewellery does look nice! Partner birthday gift conundrum solved! https://in.lai-designs.com

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Taking a second look after it all boils down:

Who else other than me thinks the ModMatrix handling with just one PushEncoder is quite clever?

And: if they would have left the skewed panel above the keyboard blank instead of using MI-ish graphics it wouldnt be as half as ugly aesthetically challenging.


The mod matrix is neat. But mostly, it’s just really nice that you’re back! :slight_smile:

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I second that :slight_smile:

Incidentally, when did this forum start censoring swear words?

I wouldn’t say the graphics on the sloped panel section were especially “MI-esque”, to be honest.

They’re weird, and apparently unrelated to anything synthey, though. I haven’t seen any closeups, but they remind me most of zoological illustrations, perhaps of microbes, or sealife.

The whole package doesn’t hold together very well, as a unified design, but I imagine that’s intentional.

Thank you, thanks. I’ve seen people make the connection on a few forums and was a bit surprised by this. Wait… maybe that was Arturia’s intention too?

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Guilty as charged! I think I said that myself over at Muffs… But to my eyes, it does look very much MI inspired… And that is surely no coincidence.
Just my 2hz worth though! :+1: