About midipal

i been using midipal for a week now and i find it really interesting and useful,
i have only a question now that i couldnt find in this forum or in the manual,
when i switch between apps ( while the clock from the master device is running )
all that is slaved below the midipal goes crazy ( tempo ) it starts to jitter, and i need to stop and start the sequencer again to get it going,
is this normal ? because my intention is to use it for live performance, i need to know whether is that im doing something wrong, or this is not possible with this little guy and shall think in something else.

No, you cannot switch apps while the clock is running.

ohhh ! either im locked with a single app during the set or get several devices… but thats complicated! this is not something that can be improved with further development of the code?
anyway thanks for the quick response the tool awesome still !

> this is not something that can be improved with further development of the code?


thats the thing about swiss army knives, you can only use one blade at once!

@herrprof but my question doesnt relate to using severals at the same time, its about if i can switch between them during a live performance without all my instruments go crazy.

besides that, thanks for the response -pichenettes! gotta figure something else…

if every time i have to go camp, i take my swiss army knife and its fixed on one of the multiple options i have, then i just get a simple knife. a swiss army knife to keep at home… well, speaks for itself. still its a pretty awesome tool.
case closed :slight_smile:


> doesnt relate to using severals at the same time

It does. If you want to smooth flawlessly from app A to app B, app B must have everything ready to go when app A is done - and thus, both must run simultaneously (even for a short amount of time).

Currently since only app can run at the same time, when changing from A to B, here is what happens:

A does its job.
B cleans up after A so it has room to start.
B takes over.

The transition is what causes the glitch/discontinuity that annoys you.

One of my MIDIpals always has the Clock app selected, it’s pretty much dedicated to it since day one. So I can clearly see the reason to have MIDI Clock generator running in background. Not the Clock app itself, just the timer handler that pushes out F8h events. Of course one will not be able to change clock speed or any other parameters without selecting the Clock app. Could be a global setting in Settings menu.