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Hi Guys i’m starting to think to build an ambika…synth…the thing i need is a synth specialized on “leads” sounds and bass ones on the sequencer part of the instrument…i will use it also in combination with a minimoog voyager whot you can suggest to me to start my new building?
How to make the best connections with the moog to obtain an amazing powerfoul synth?
Cheers and tks all :wink:

Hi Bulldog,
When I builted my Shruti I was wondering how many waveforms in that can do the job for lead,
cause a lead is for me a sound medium and hi in frequency, but, without aliasing.
So the question seems to be, the Ambika as 36 waves/oscs, how many of these waves
can do the job without aliasing?


Saw / Square / Tri, with parameter = 0 have no aliasing. That’s it.

On the other hand the Aliasing adds to the character…

Yes, the analogue waveform with the 0 setting really do sound very much like Roland Juno/JX oscillators.
Also, the aliasing is very minor compared to other synthesizers. There is a wide 5-6 octave range before it becomes very noticeable with most settings. It is pleasant on the ears.
Also, I got one with the SSM filter to emulate one voice of a PPG Wave. I am not disappointed, it sounds pretty darn close when using the wavetables.
Also, running the Voyager through the Shruthi is a ton of fun. If you get a “clean” filter type and not “dirty” like the Polivox or the Yellow Magic, the Moog’s tone will carry though the synthesizer’s path unaltered. It is basically like adding 2 flexible, work-horse oscillators to your analogue pallet.
I run a number of my synthesizers through it for an extra global volume envelope or global filter LFO as well.

If you are in need of PPGish sounds i can recommend the Frequency Central Waverider Oscillator paired with the DØPFER A-105

@fcd72: Thanks for the continuing advice. That would be a great pair. I am still trying to translate my singlecycles to a wavetable compatible with the Shruthi. I was using Audio Term, but I still need to figure out how to import other .wav files and then export the final table. It is pretty easy to use aside from that.

lots of fun ideas guys!
i’m on the preorder also for the music easel from Buchla :slight_smile: will be a lot of fun to build this Shruthi and make it connected to my synths…then will be the time for the ambika :slight_smile:
But not now…i need to build first the Shruthi :smiley:
is a lot of ides here…i think i will use the mod wheel of the moog to drive some functions from the Shruthi…and will be fun!

Oh just an additional info…if i need to reset the synth there is a procedure to restore it to factory default?

Yes, the modwheel and pitchbend are both very route-able on the Shruthi thanks to the modulation matrix. The pitchbend can be used for so much more than just pitch-bending. It is great to use as an easy way to get several timbres out of a patch because it will always return to the default position. You won’t regret adding one to your setup, that is for sure. :slight_smile:
Yes, it is very easy to reset the factory settings, back up and write patches over midi ect. Give the online manual a read for more of what the Shruthi can do.