Ableton & Yarns problem

Hi there - pulling my hair out with this! Would massively appreciate some help from someone. Here’s what I’m doing/experiencing:

I have Yarns set up as 2 M and am trying to play 2 monophonic midi sequences from Ableton into my modular. Part 1 is assigned to MIDI channel 1 and part 2 to MIDI channel 2. I have each MIDI clip in Ableton assigned to a separate track and part 1 is sending on channel 1 and 2 is sending on channel 2.

For some reason part 1 keeps randomly transposing as soon as part 2 becomes active. Part 2 appears to be fine irrespective of what I do with part 1. I have literally turned everything else off MIDI wise from within Ableton (I only have the MIDI output track enabled to send MIDI to yarns) and the problem won’t go away.

I’m sure I’m being a complete idiot so can someone please embarrass me and tell me what I’m doing wrong? It would make my weekend!



That’s what I thought first, but the pitch bend bug only affected the MIDI out.

The problem does not appear to be due to Yarns, but to the fact that both CV outputs are patched to a DPO, with “FOLLOW” not set to zero.