Ableton Live Track + Sync --> Yarns not working together properly


Having a very curious and frustrating Yarns issue. I have the Yarns setup as follows:

LA := 1M
TE := EX

And I’m sending Track and Sync data from Ableton Live to the Yarns via an output port on my MOTU Express 128. Here’s what I’m observing:

1. If Ableton Live is not currently playing back, I can send MIDI note on/off messages to the Yarns and control my modular just fine. I see the Yarns’ LEDs glowing in response to MIDI data as I would expect, and hear the pitches I expect.

2. When I start playback in Ableton Live, clock data is transmitted properly (i.e., I can see/hear it keeping my Intellijel Metropolis in sync as I change the tempo in Live).

3. However, when I start Live playback (i.e., which causes Live to send MIDI clock data to the Yarns), the Yarns stops emitting CV/gate as I’d expect.

4. If I go into Ableton Live preferences, and disable Sync on the MIDI output port connected to my Yarns, and restart Live playback again, then MIDI note date is properly converted to CV/gate as I expect.

So, it appears like the Yarns is not able to properly emit the CV/gate and clock signals simultaneously in this configuration. I don’t think this is the expected behavior, seems like I’m missing something configuration-wise. I’ve combed the manual, but nothing is popping out at me. Any ideas about what I might have setup incorrectly?


Ok, I must have changed some other setting and forgotten. I did a *I to reinit, and set the LA and TE settings as above and things worked out as desired!

Maybe because a sequence was recorded? In this case, when Yarns receives the “start” message, it starts playing the sequence; and note messages just transpose up/down the sequence.

Ah, interesting. Yes, I suppose it’s likely I had a sequence with no notes recorded into it or some such.

I have the same problems with Yarns in Ableton. I found the video in Yuotube that show what’s going on:

Any ideas?