Abandoned by Zvuku

an album complied from pieces made over the last 5 years
features lots and lots of mutable (elements, braids, rings, ripples, warps, shruthi, tides, kinks, links, shelves, veils, blinds, clouds)
as well as lots of other synths, modular effects and instruments.

album promo blurb:
abandoned, the latest album from Zvuku, the alias of Irish ambient electro-acoustic artist Karl McGrath, is a body of work compiled over the last 5 years. Its 21 tracks fold in and out of drone, modern classical, noise and ambient.
Musical sources ranging from electro acoustic instrumentation of violin, piano and guitar to digital / analog synthetic engines and eurorack systems, are manipulated by a feedback network system of effects and modulation to move and form each piece. Fluctuating from the singular resonances of piano to cascading walls of reverberated noise, abandoned endeavors to retain the immediacy and sensitivity’s of the musican within the recording and manipulation processes.

and here’s a short bio about me / zvuku:
Zvuku is a pseudonym of Karl McGrath, an Irish ambient electro-acoustic artist who uses synthesis, violin, piano, guitar and modular synth married with effects and other recording processes to create dynamic works that span the genres of drone, modern classical and ambient. He has had releases on Front End Synthetics, Rural Colours, Heat Death Records and Futuresequence as well as numerous compilation appearances and remixes. More recently he was part of the Irish drone collective, No Place Like Drone.