A4-style modular sequencer

Looks nice

That does look interesting. They say there’s SD card storage, but I can’t see a slot for that. Odd.


Huh, but hopefully estimated 599 bucks is definetely not a cheapo…

you could buy a used Analog 4 and use the CV outputs :slight_smile:

That would be more expensive and give you fewer tracks with CV output. It will get you a rather nice synth though.

Hmmm, its 33% of the Big C……

Yeah, but the big C is really the top of awesomeness !

I’d say this is a slightly different beast than the Big C in terms of workflow probably. The mini keyboard is surprisingly nice on the A4 for entering melodic patterns and for transpositions. This module seems to be missing the “Transpose” button though.

i think this looks rather dull from a faceplate design perspective.

It sounds like it’s a little way away from release, currently, so the design may be subject to change.


Hope they spruce the design up.

Also can´t see the sd storage, hope it´s not behind the faceplate, that would be quite impractical.

I think the SD card isn’t currently implemented, hence no slot in the faceplate. That’s one of the reasons I suspect this product isn’t going to be released in the near future.


Does look good, but too big for my liking. That would take up almost half the width of a TipTop HEK on it’s own…


The SD card slot is in the back - you’re not supposed to swap SD cards in/out.

It’s just as with the Ambika; it’s not like you’ll ever fill up the card…