A100K print, knurled shaft

i have massive problems to find the exact potentiometer:

ALPHA 16mm A100K (100k log) 6mm knurled shaft, and what’s really making it impossible: print version, but not the long rectangular leads.

does anybody happen to kow a source for them?
i can only find them with solder lugs, rectangular long print leads in different length, or dual gang versions. but neither of them fit on a pcb i’d like to use pcb mounted pots (sometimes i do that)
i also wouldn’t like to use the cheaper stuff with different feel, as this is for analog signal, and i don’t wanna saw knurled shafts

Futurlec seem to have the best range of Alpha pots at reasonable prices. Lots of people on synth diy forums don’t seem to like Futurlec though - I’ve never found out why.

Delivery to UK usually takes about a three/four weeks, and there is some debate about whether they are ‘proper’ Alpha pots - they look identical, though the rotation is a lot stiffer than others I have. But they do the job…


wow thanks! i can’t believe it!
they have just the right ones!

regarding the stiff rotation (which i prefer), is it even stiffer than other alpha pots you have or compared to other brands?

The 16mm ‘Alpha’ pots I get from Rapid Electronics are looser than the Futurlec ones. Confusingly, the Futurlec 16mm have a similar feel to the Rapid Electronics 24mm Alphas with plastic shafts (but less grind).

Great for precise tweaks, but too much friction to quickly spin a knob through a full rotation.