A Wheel Made of Ice

An almost entirely Mutable piece recorded this morning, trying push myself out of my usual methods and sort of forcing myself to explore algo’s or patching methods I rarely use.


Pretty minimal patch notes really.

Braids in Particle Mode
Rings strum input being pinged by a randomised trigger from NanoRand clocked by Batumi (at no specific tempo)
Clouds position and amplitude (via Blinds) being modulated by two channels of Peaks doing its lovely smooth random values LFO running nice and slow. A tiny bit of attenuated noise is rippling the pitch input of Clouds also.

Fed through a mixer with Strymon El Cap and BlueSky on the aux’s and recorded as a single stereo pair in Reaper.


i like it a lot. sounds nice and soothing.

It’s funny that Braids/Clouds/Rings can get you some results that sounds very much like some processed field recording, in the sense that it has that same organic feel.

Very interesting soundscape btw!

this is a huge strength of these modules - I feel that there is a pretty generous sweet spot for getting very physical “real” sounding abstractions.