A wee lass from Scotland came to my door

And, after writing a check to pay significant import taxes, I put on my best Mel Gibson Scottish accent. “I louv ya. Always havv.”

She’s a beaut. Now, I must reorganize my entire studio, and, quite possibly read my first manual. She and my Ambika are going to get along famously.

Congrats! That beauty is made from pure awesomesauce! It’s nearly as nice as the MIDIbox Seq v4, cue sarcastic Frank in 4, 3, 2, 1…


i know xactly what you are doing all night long… enjoying the pure haptic perfection of everything…

I would have gotten one of those if there was someone out there who wanted my money for a kit! I tried to get on that list so many times- I’d log in to the forums, then be told I had to log into the other page,then the other page told me I needed to be on the forums, then the people on the forums told me I had to spam a chat room somewhere. The last time I tried I contacted someone and asked to be put on the list, they gave me an email address, I sent an email.

And I was never put on the list. So now I have Ms. Clicky Buttons .

Haha! Just wanted to stir some shit up :slight_smile:
There was some severe Wiki spamming over at the MB place, IDK why everything has to be complicated. Just contact SmashTV (Tim) and things ought to be sorted.

Ms. Clicky Buttons is drool-worthy! I heard that several of her acquaintances went jackin’ it in San Diego.

CirkPod Touch

Hehe, what folks did you talk to? Boards are all in the “MIDIbox shop” at http://www.midibox-shop.com/buy.html

whats your serial# - you know, we are all brothers in arms but the lower… :wink:

mine is 290

I’d get one if I could get 420!

This was months ago. (as in back in the summer for a few months before I ordered the Cirklon)

#412 here.

I have to say, Colin’s scribble signature is a nice touch. I will frame it one day, along with the cloth liquor bag my MIDIpal arrived in.

Well I’m sure the C is awesome, too!

Is Sequentix owned by Colin Fraser, by any chance?
I wonder if that’s the same Colin Fraser who was in the band Biomachanoid in the early 90s, and went on to contribute patches to the preset libraries of a number of software synths.


It is.

I’m going to record my first little Cirklon trip later with Ambika and post it on the unofficial Mutable Instruments community Soundcloud that exists only in my head.

you got yours signed as i suggested? :wink:

@RyanA4 Cool! I bought a few of the Biomechanoid albums on cassette by mail-order in about 1992. I actually wrote to him, asking for advice on how to get started writing electronic music, and got a long handwritten reply (written in green biro), which was really encouraging. Nice guy.


No just in the manaul. I really should have. Did he sign it with one of those highly toxic shiny gold or silver markers, perchance?

That’s actually an incredible story! Did he tour with the The Prodigy and show Liam Howlett how to sync his Moog Prodigy to his 909?