A very odd track using multiple flavours/modes of Rings

I posted a track a few days ago, which escalated due to me wanting to try out my new audio interface and the DAW syncing capability provided by the PNW PEXP-2 expander which arrived in the post yesterday.

What resulted is a very unmodular modular track, which uses Rings for pretty much every sound bar the drums - certainly not what folks who are into modular would like but it has a certain charm perhaps?

All the melodic content was generated using O&C Quantermain


I enjoyed this Mark; why would you think “folks who are into modular” would NOT like it? Thank for sharing it.

Kent, you are of course correct, it was a bit of a sweeping generalisation so apologies :slight_smile: I guess my thinking was that it doesn’t sound like a typical modular track, so it might put people off, regardless…thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes, it reminded me of things that I love about Tortoise or Jaga Jazzist, both of whom make good use of modular. Great sounds – cheers!

Ah, wasnt aware of Jaga Jazzist, listening now - very cool!

A lot of the things I end up making are in some way influenced by my love of Mogwai and that kind of musical aesthetic. Thanks for the intro to Jaga Jazzist :slight_smile:

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sounds pretty dope to me.
I have yet to make a track that sounds like it was made on my modular with my modular btw :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ha Ha - does that mean you are doing it right or not doing it right?! :clown_face:

Glad it went down well, making it has certainly given me food for thought in terms of how I use my system :slight_smile:

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It worked for me. Sounds good, man!

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