A tune my 5 yr old daughter created

and then I expanded upon it and added in a shruthi 1 bassline

hmm how do I hyperlink that?


Put the label of the link in double quotes followed by a colon, and then the link.

cool, ill do that next time we make something, shruthis are awesome!

Need to make kids to have them play my Shruthis! Love the track!
here’s some info on how to format stuff on the forums (it’s using textile as a markup language): http://www.textism.com/tools/textile/

Involving your children: the perfect excuse! Don’t have many sample points yet, but 5-6 seems is a popular age for our children. I’m letting my 5yo play with the Shruthi as a treat after practicing piano :wink:

Get them going on music when they’re young, they pick things up faster. So many of my musical heroes started when they were under 10. I wish I had learnt it all back then.