A track to thank you Èmilie!

I repurchased the four missing Mutable modules that I had in years past - to complete my set of my seven favourite Mutable modules: Marbles, Stages, Plaits, Tides, Rings, Blades and Beads. Today I received the last two of them, Marbles and Rings. This track, in light of Èmilie’s announcement that she will no longer be making any new Mutable Instruments modules, is a bit of a celebration of her amazing talent, and incredible contribution to synthesis, the modular community and the art of creating beautiful sound.
Other than the beats and some tape echo from Magneto; this track is entirely performed entirely with my seven Mutable Instruments modules.
All voices sequenced on Marbles.
t/x1: Plaits into Blades, envelope from Stages. Strymon Magneto for delay/reverb.
t/x2: Rings into Beads (of course!)
t/x3: Tides into Blades. Envelope from Stages.
Additional modulation from Marbles y and Stages.
Beats performed on Push2 with RolandCloud TR-808.

… now to track down my Yellow Magic and 4-Pole Mission Shruthis… :wink:


Very nice track and a fitting tribute.

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Beau job! bravo!

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