A Solstice Moon On Shattered Bones


Yes sorry, I’m on holiday from work and have been lucky enough to be spending most of my days this week at the modular. My brain is having a bit of a hard time at the moment and it’s somewhat therapeutic to get stuff recorded and share it (better out than in and better out there than sitting on hard drive).

Anyway, here’s a solstice ritual for today made out of a module doing FM and a Roland SH01a.


Likely what facing the dark rift at winter solstice sounds like. Pretty reminiscent sound, i can see past stargazers as well as building the pyramids. I’m caught. Thanks for sharing.


Two minutes in and loving it!


Thank you @Claude and thanks hugely for your support, its a small gesture that means a lot to me…



You’ve made lovely and important music David, let me thank you! There’s a lot of sensitivity and feeling here, valuable tools.