A Shruthi Bank/Patch Manager

I seem to do this with all my synths… It’s a Windows .NET (32 bit) Shruthi Bank Manager.
It is working fine on my machine, but, as always, use at your own risk. Back up your patches beforehand.


Aha! Got it.

Ooh! Would it run under Win7 64-bit? Gotta DL it and test… 32-bits is long over in this joint!
Nice work!

Yes. I’m in Win7 64bit.

Coolers! All is well then.

Thank you !

this is a dream!
thanx a lot

Wow! Thanks, man

Your welcome :slight_smile: So no issues? That’s good to know.

This looks great. I will give that a try as soon as i get chance later.

On another note. Has anyone tried the editor that is available on this website?


I think you just download the program and then go to the device panels and download the one for Shruthi-1, but i am not sure yet how it works as i only found the website late last night while i was looking for a free Novation supernova II editor. Sorry, but other than that i don’t know much more than that until i can try it out.

Sorry if it has been mentioned before.

Sorry. Just found a discussion about ctrlr editor on another forum chat here.

Must still be half asleep

thx i will try this soon !
Any tips for use ?

thanks, cool stuff!
i haven’t tried it with a shruthi yet, but it runs on my pc. yay!
i never got ctrlr to run, even on 2 very different machines, don’t know what i did wrong.

Tips: It’s all drag 'n drop so drag the patches around or patch files into the program.
Double click to either dump the loaded patch to the Shruthi buffer or import the patch at that location.
There is a right-click menu… That’s mostly it… I think the rest is mostly self explanatory.

here is a bank of patches I created… should likely write the patches to 129 - 256 without the program, but I have never tried.

Is there anything like this for OSX?

Just tested this app! Seems like it’s totally cool but I can’t import the patches on BANK2, it always imports BANK1 no matter what I tell the program to do. Any idea what to do?

Found another problem… if I import the patches, move them around, then dump them back onto the shruthi it will overwrite them all with the INIT patch… so something’s def wrong here.

After a closer inspection I noticed this pattern: it did dump patch #1 onto the first 8 pattern save slots (1-8) then patch #2 onto the next 8 (9-16) and I suppose it would have gone on doing this for the remaining slots on the bank

Hmm… It’s been a while since I checked this and a number of firmware changes. I’ll check it out. Thanks for letting me know.

Yes I guess it’s probably a problem caused by some firmware changes. I’m running the latest version btw. Thanks for looking into it!