A remix/cover of Talking Head's 'This Must Be The Place' with almost entirely modular

(except for the guitar, drums and vocals)

Hey guys, I’m a big Talking Heads fan and remixed/covered one of their classics a couple months ago. I’m new to the forum but a huge Mutable Instruments fan so I thought you guys might be interested in this/some of the sounds involved.

https://soundcloud.com/mwgli/talking-heads-this-must-be-the-place-mowgli-remix (there’s a free bandcamp download linked in my SC bio if you don’t want to suffer through Soundcloud’s horrific stream rate)

All the synth sounds in the first half are my Mother-32 being fed through the Rings (except for the high pitched lead), the warped warm harmonic tones are the result of messing with the structure and position knob. It’s a similar story for the latter bit of the song (after the vocal section). The only oscillators I have at the moment are on the M32 (I know, I know), so I went about making more interesting tones by processing the square and saw outputs through the Warps and back into the M32’s ext. in. I have a fairly limited modular rig at the moment but my Mutable modules are like the clothes that the body of my rig adorns itself with.

Very interested in feedback and/or a discussion about things!


Oh wow!


:smiley: glad you like it! Can’t wait for my new Tides to arrive…

Niiiice! Great remix, and one of my favorite songs all time.

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That’s great! Nice one…

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I can’t stop listening :heart_eyes:

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Thanks for the kind words everyone! I love waking up to this stuff

Can’t get enough of this.

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It wouldn’t sound the way it does without your work :sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face:

Please make an album like this!

Rest assured I’ve always got stuff in the works, I deferred this semester of uni to focus on music so I got till March to put my all into it.

I’m not sure about making a whole album at this point in time as that would be a very length progress with my workflow, I usually can take around a month or two to finish 1 song. I’m also a computer science student and working part-time so I don’t really think that’s something I can do just right now. I’m currently going about regular releases of singles until I get to a point where I can get the attention of a label or what have you so income would be a feasible prospect and I could put aside a year or so to craft a whole project, like an EP or album.

Oh I just found your bandcamp page :slight_smile:
Lots of great stuff there!

I guess that was just a way to say: please keep making music!
What you say sounds very familiar, so I can totally understand that. I have been working on a 4 track EP for the last 2 years, and it’s still not finished!

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Oh don’t you worry I’ll keep making music till the day I die hahaha, btw I love your work on the mutable modules, they’re all so beautiful!

Can you share a link to your stuff?

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cool! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, I hope their visual side was also inspiring your music in some way!

sure. Here’s some: https://www.papernoise.net/soundworks/
The Poka Bjorn things might be down your alley, the rest is a bit more noisy and droney

They fit the theme of my whole rig (hope you like what I’ve done with the toys Olivier (if you see this lol)) and the sound I’m going for so well. I especially love the patterns around some of the knobs, the designs are definitely inspiring in the sense that they contribute so fittingly to the environment I try to create in my little home studio as I’m a big believer in your environment influencing your music.

I love silly train ride and sedated memories, instant good vibes from both! I’m for sure gonna put them both in the mix when i dj at my friends party tomorrow :slight_smile:


Super nice and fun track!

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Are you into demoscene/chiptune music? I can hear some 4mat vibes in Burying the Moon

Sorry about the late response been quite busy, I can’t say I am. I’m quite into new wave and people like chrome sparks, dauwd, etc. The sounds in Burying the Moon are quite chiptune-y/basic because I wasn’t very good at sound design back when I made it hahah. Not to offend any chiptuners, there’s lot of depth to it.

Superb remix full of joy and lovely sound! Perfect for a sunday morning.

I guess there is a certain overlap between chiptune and Synthwave/Vaporwave anyway. But I’ve never really looked at it very closely to be really able to claim so.

I do like the raw square-wave-y sound of the pads you’re using there! It really does not sound like bad sound design in any way to me! The part I’m referring to is the one past 1:12"