A red funky enclosure for my Shuthi-1


Here’s my own custom built enclosure :

More info here

I’ve compiled a PDF guide with instructions and the parts cutting layout.
You can get it there

By the way, I’m selling the white version…

Have fun! (^_^)


and the white version I’m selling:

COOOOOL! These Ring-ish Plexi reminds me of Futurama :wink:

this is really a great looking and original enclosure! Great work!

That’s why i want an Ichiro’s sista at home!

Il faut que je te contacte, l’histoire d’ichiro est belle, mais me fait peur!

Hey EATYone… remember where to get your Plexi cut?

I remember FCD! But what i want it to be independant lol

I want my own laser cutting machhhhhhiiiiiinnnnnnneeeeeee

I love the way the LEDs shine through the white one. If only I didn’t order the original acrylic case…