A quick note about history

No need to change my name on old documents (interviews, talks), especially when I obviously present male (vocally and/or in appearance) in those documents.

I understand they document my « history ». Ideally, I would prefer to have it all erased, but I understand this stuff can be of value to some people, so the second best option then is not to rewrite it, let it rest and fade away.

Yes, the synth community has been supportive, it’s not possible to erase my deadname from thousands of boards and everybody has a memory of my old face in a corner of their mind. But I have a life outside the synth community too, and don’t want material about the “old me” to be that easily reachable.

When in doubt, ask me. I do have agency.


i=5, j=2

ah this was something i had forgotten to ask about thanks for the clarifications!

but I understand this stuff can be of value to some people

This is maybe not the place for me to speak, but I wanted to thank you for all the stuff you’ve put out there. I’ve slowly come to the realization that instrument design is what i’d like to do for a living, or at least a solid hobby. Your history has been a road map for me in some ways. Even if it doesn’t represent who you are now, it helps me think about who I want to become.
Thank you for the inspiration.