A question to the electronics gurus here: broken Nanokontrol

I bought this used Nanokontrol from a friend, who said it would work fine, but it acts all weird. Tried to reset it several times, but it always shows up with random settings on all MIDI mappings so my guess is that the internal EEEPROM is broken.

Basically the symptoms are as follows: every time I plug it in it seems to have different settings (according to the editor software). If I reset it the settings look ok (default mappings) but if I change to another scene they get all messes up again.
On the editor software the scene names appear as weird ASCII characters.

Do you think there is anything I can do except scavenge it for parts?

I would be interested in the fader knobs :wink: … I’ve lost a few on mine…
I Would say open it up and see how it looks inside… I’ve opened mine ones. It’s just one very flat pcb. Even the faders are just printed.
One possible point I would look at is the USB connection.

Hmm… how do you open it up without breaking it?

by unscrewing the six screws on the bottom?
(they are hidden underneath those six little rubber feet. just pull out the rubber things and unscrew…)

[edit:] i was talking about the original nanokontrol btw. shftr seems to be referring to the newer nk2, perhaps? on mine at least, the fader’s aren’t printed. they are regular slider potentiometers…
@rumpelfilter: which version do you have?

yep figured it out myself. the old trick of hiding the screws under the rubber feet

well, nothing wrong as far as I can see, I could try to reflow some solder joints… but well, I don’t know if this will help.

btw, i’m afraid the original nk is a piece of junk, even when in perfect working order: seems that it can’t cope with more than one slider at a time. when you move two or more sliders at once, the cc data corresponding to the leftmost one will be transmitted ok, but the other ones will have some nasty parameter jumps. at least that’s how it is with mine…
no idea if this has improved with nk2.

I indeed opened up the mk1 once. I have never experienced parameter jumps on the mk1or mk2 and I use them both a lot.

Maybe there also has been a firmware update for the nk? You could try reinstalling the firmware…

I used to use 2 nanokontrols very often. I also have the microkontrol keyboard. They were always more auxiliary controllers for the computer than MIDI hardware. I didn’t use the microKontrol too much as one of the sliders was broken when I got it and I could never figure out how to fix it. It is cool to make a template on, and the LCDs are great if you can’t remember what you assign where.

Now that I also have a Beatstep, the nanokontrols are a bit redundant, but they still work great for the VSTs that are already mapped to them, so I won’t be getting rid of them anytime soon. :slight_smile:

I will say that mine still function great, and I have never had any issues with them. Most of these slim line controllers are definitely obsolete, but the drum pad controller is still fun because it has the assignable pad.

I don’t think there is such a thing as a firmware update… at least I can’t find one anywhere.
mic.w: I'm afraid you might be right. They seem to be a real piece of junk.shiftr: If I can’t find a solution, you pay the postage and you can have the thing for free.

@rumpelfilter that’s great! :slight_smile: … But i still hope you can fix it of course :wink: