A question about Streams

I am just getting into my new modular, and having a lot of fun with my setup which contains quite a few MI modules.

Using Streams I have noticed that there are quite a lot of pops and crackles in the last third of the travel of the levels mod knob, especially on the red channel.

Is this typical? Is it something that will dissapear when the unit is fully “run in”?

Any advice?

Firstly the unit is what it is it won’t run in as you put it.You are just distorting the vca perhaps or your shape control is set too low
watch this for a good run down on Streams

Do you have the module in compression mode? If so, then turning Mod clockwise past 12 o’clock makes the quietest parts of you input signal louder, which means that clicks and pops present in the input signal which were too quiet to notice previously become audible. Thus Streams may be allowing you to hear clicks and pops in your input signal too which you were previously unaware. Of course, turning Mod counter-clockwise from 12 o’clock will correspondingly reduce those noises, in relation to the louder parts of your input signal.

Thanks for the advice

I’ve not been using it in compresion mode. But the noise is audible in all four main modes.

It happens when there is no input signal present as well as when there is.

Everything is clean and pretty much silent until the Level Mod knob gets to about 1 o’clock, then there are crackles when the knob moves the rest of the way. The noise is only when the knob moves, the sound is clean otherwise.

The fact that the problem is pretty much entirely confined to one channel and the not the other makes me wonder if something is faulty…

Looks like it’s a defective pot. Send it back to me.

Thank you for the fast response, Olivier.

I cannot find an address on the site, but I realise that perhaps I should be returing the unit via the retailer I just got it from - correct?

By the way - the Mutable Instruments modules are fantastic - I am enjoying them a great deal.

Leave a message on the Mutable Instruments site, or a private message through this forum. I’ll give you the address and additional information.

Have sent a PM