A pair of Elements

First post.

I love Mutable Instruments, and this community and I’ve been reading and enjoying the forum for years.
I want to share with you a song from my recent modular album, Solace (Oct 2, 2020 | Hidden Shoal).

Day Glides After You: Day Glides After You - YouTube

The core of the song is sampled strings from a Clavinova, crossfaded and repeated throughout, run through Elements, Rings, Rainmaker, and Alter 1. In the video, a sample of that patch is then run through two Elements, Rainmaker, and Alter 1, modulated by Tides v2, Triple Sloth, and a modified hard drive.

If you’re interested, the full album is here: Solace | Memorybell.
It features a lot of Mutable modules (2 Elements, 2 Plaits, 2 Veils, Tides v2, Rings, Peaks).