A new Waldorf

The firmware problems only appear on the new resurrected Waldorf Company, the old one never had these troubles….

It’s probably down to lack of resources and people?

They really needed to produce one amazing synth with great software, then build on the that success. But instead they try to spread themselves too thinly over multiple products.

Exactly ! Great potential, but no balls to do it the right way.

Sometimes great engineers and programmers make really terrible businessmen.

Hey, we talk about a company which puts the same effort into marketing as engineering. They should just stick to one machine at a time. And perhaps use some of the tricks they’ve learned so far. When it comes to Waldorf i get the impression, that they always try to re-invent the wheel.

Their iOS app is pretty cool, though!


I’m dreaming of 49-keys 4-6 voice PolyRocket…

I dream of a 37 Key Wavetable Synth with manymany Knobs and the MW2 Filters

Juu juu! A Microwave 3, like the XT (K) with the addition of software to make your own wavetables, SDHC for normal FAT32 storage, plus including the wavetables and patch dump compatibility from earlier Microwaves, and all the classic waves from the PPGs and earlier Waldorfs, plus the VS.

I dream of an Ambika XT

Oh, that too. Guess us users could put something together like a MIDI controller with tons of pots, encoders, switches and LEDs.

My dream is more realistic.

A Microwave III with an analogue filter…

Question is what filter ICs do they pick?


I doubt you will ever see another poly Synth with analog Filters for the simple fact that no feasible usable Filter Chip exists (exception to the rule: DSI seems to have some on stock for their P08 derivates and the P12). No sane manufacture would put in the PCB Real Estate and chip count + all the surroundings to make it work into a Synth, at least none you plan to sell more than a few hundred times. So face it: no Analog Filters in a Waldorf Poly Synth.

The full analog voices on the A4 are not that big…

But all a company would need to do is to find a way to bring the “ANALOG” (anything) + “POLY” keyword search terms to a product and have it be under $1,000. Waldorf just put out a 3 oscillator monosynth pretty cheap…

And they wouldn’t break out that orange for nothing…

@pichenettes That looks a hell of a lot like the boards you find in the Alpha Juno and the MKS-50…

Yeah, thats nice and tiny compared to an Ambika…. but compare to a MicroQ or Solaris PCB :wink:

FWIW Almost all manufacturers shipped buggy first versions of their full VA poly synths. I guess they all underestimated the amount of time needed to complete and properly test all the features planned.