A new Waldorf

Black Stromberg?

it would be ridiculous implementing such a switch into a strombergesque Synthesizer as long it has no motor move it in the right position when patches change :wink:

A friend for the Rocket? Maybe focused on external processing? Or with a wavetable oscillator rather than the basic saw/square synthesis of the Rocket?

a teaser pic with a big cutoff knob probably means another small desktop unit targetted at bedroom producers and laptop djs that want an additional hardware

Whatever it is, it looks absolutely lovely.

A 4-Pole mkII Filter.

^ That would be interesting. I liked the old 4-Pole. Of course, that was a looooong time ago.

I just had the software version which was terrible. :frowning:

Wow- you think they’ll actually release the Stromberg?

It will be $3,000 at least…but totally incredible!

I mean, everyone is doing re-releases of classics- how about a Microwave I reissue?

Where would they get the chips to make 8 cheap analog filters for a MW1?

I didn’t say a replica!

So if they reissue something like it can I have your original? It will be the SAME. Ask anyone on the internet if reissues are as good as the original- they’ll all agree!

You will have to pry my dead cold fingers from my MW1 ;). If they should do a reissue, then please the MW2 just as it was only with 75 Voices and a bigger Display for more oversight. But not as on the Pulse - displaying 24" 7 Segment lookalikes on a hires graphical LCD…

yeah shame because the Pulse 2 sounds better than most of the new analog gear this past year…

i guess, no matter what exactly it will be, as is usuall with waldorf, it will be available in stores not sooner than summer - next year :-)))

And its firmware won’t be stable until a year after release…

…or ever

Germans can’t program, I guess.

I thought Germans programmed their home computers, led themselves into the future.