A new track (4MP & SMR4 1st gen)

Shruthi 5

Just shruthis and a sampled DMX.

as I wrote on soundcloud: great track you have that French elecro sound I like so much!

Thks folks, I’m going to blush !

I like this track. Reminds me some electronic tele music library albums, Arpadys style, as well as Benoit Hutin and J.S Regottaz.

This is really nice. One of my favourite bits of Shruthi music I’ve heard. Reminds me a bit of some of the tracks from “Welcome” by Dave Monolith that I’ve been listening to almost obsessively recently (an example)

Yeah Tks a lot

I like this a lot as well - lots of dense textures without being overpowering.

Lovely! :slight_smile:


Tks yewtreemagic I’m touched because I’m kind of very musically talkative !