A New Shruthi Yellow Magic - My Second and Working Thing!

Hey Folkz

Finnalllllyyy I was able to finish my Yellow Magic Shruti! Wow, what a “ff…g” cool Filter Yippeeeeee! I’m able to build a shruthi :slight_smile:

Next, repair my filter board of polivoks and remake another filterboard… :))))))

Ahhh, what a good feeeling… :))))

Cherrrs John :smiley:


Congrats ! Success is the best kind of motivation…


nice :slight_smile:
now we need samples…

Hi All … :slight_smile: Yeah… Samples of Sound? :wink:

I’m planning to make my next Release with the Yellow Edition Shruthi. . :slight_smile:



PS: My next one is the 4-pole mission… :DDDDD