A new Shruthi-1 is born

Thanx to Olivier for let me being a BETA tester for his Shruthi-1!

So i havn’t really finish to build it (Enclosur and some soldering to do again), but Shruthi is alive now, and i have test it toonight:

waooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh! This synth roxxxxxx! BASSSSSSS arrrreee reallllyyyy poooooowwweerrrrfullll and FAT!

And here is a little trax, just 20 min of test: sequenced in Live, 0% FX 100% Shruthi-1 the drumz too!

I confirm, the drums are the “kicker” and “snare” presets :smiley:

Yo EATYone,

drop me a line how the enclosure fits … BTW nice weather ;-D


EDIT: Just heard your demo… the low end kicks ass even as mp3, hard times for any moogish base. Why did DBX this Subharmonic Syntheziser Thingy??? (At this point you may see me rearange my FX-Rack to free some space…)

good work! its a good thing to have your synths outdoors!

great to hear some nice sounding drums from it!
now ill have to try to make some with its little brother! =)

the filter seems to have a little bit different sound to it but its
not a bad thing. just another flavor!
a bit brighter is some way perhaps.

congrats man! The demo sounds really cool. Now that I have finished the Shruti-1, I guess I could move on to this one! :slight_smile:

The Shruthi has a larger audio range (deeper in the bass and brighter in the high-end) for several reasons:

  • I increased the value of all the AC-coupling caps, resulting in less high-pass filtering in the audio path. Such high values (4.7uF) are a bit uncommon, but the SMR-4 and CEM3379 filter circuits are not very prone to DC-offset and CV bleedthrough problems (this will be a different story with the SSM2044 filter board, where I had to make a difficult compromise).
  • The audio is generated at 39kHz instead of 31.25kHz, so that’s 4 extra kHz of bandwidth to carry the higher-order harmonics that can make the sound shine. With cutoff wide open, a sawtooth wave will saw through the wood of your monitors :slight_smile:
  • On the Shruti, there was no calibration of the cutoff range, so even when wide-open, the filter was still attenuating the frequencies above 12 ou 13 kHz (actually, because 5% resistors were used, this might vary by +/- 2kHz!). On all the Shruthi-1 boards, there are trimmers for the cutoff range so you can tune it in such a way that “127” means “no filtering in the audible range”.

Nice work all around! Can’t wait to get my hands on one!

the first batch are going to be up for sale pretty soon olivier?

I’ll send to another builder, build one for a friend and take new photos to improve the assembly guide. No bad sign in sight. Within 2 to 3 weeks.