A new Shruthi-1 filter board is coming

How come I didn’t know about the polyvoks?!
Anyway this one sounds very cool :slight_smile:

ooh very cool, love to see what you cook up!

Love it! I was going to transfer my SMR4 Shruthi into fcd’s programmer when it arrives, but you might just have tempted me into building a whole new kit so I can get one of these.

Incidentally, given the number of different filter boards available now, have you reconsidered the possibility of offering kits just for the digital board (i.e. PCB and components, but without the board & components for the SMR4)? The kits are really handy for avoiding having to hunt around for components, but ending up with a whole spare SMR4 board if we want to build Shruthis with one of the other boards seems a bit wasteful…

I used to think the same thing about the hunt for components but I have to say it’s been a good learning point (without me even appreciating it at the time) as I’m now confident on shopping about for parts.

Anyway, love the idea of the Polivoks, I was thinking about building a clone for my modular synth but maybe I’ll just hold off…

Oh, I went out and got all the parts for my CEM3379 board, so I know how to do it. The problem is that parts are a lot easier to get sent to some parts of the world than others. The UK seems to be a lot harder than mainland Europe or the USA - a lot of the suppliers that are the go-to guys in other countries want to charge extortionate prices for shipping, or won’t sell you stuff at all. I don’t think I’d’ve managed to source all the parts if it wasn’t for fcd72’s help.

Even if parts are easy to get where you are, I’m willing to bet that Olivier orders parts in sufficiently large numbers that he gets them cheaper than we could get by ordering just a handful of parts at a time. Even if Olivier did filter board kits at the same price it would cost me to get the PCB and source the parts myself, I’d be happy to pay the money for the convenience and peace-of-mind of knowing I had all the right parts arriving all at once, and Olivier would make some money on the components as well as on the PCB.

I totally understand why people would want to source parts themselves, and I agree that it can be educational, but the other option would also be nice if it’s not too much of a logistical problem for Olivier.

The reason why it works on the Shruthi is that I do fairly large batches (250 kits). This makes the parts cheaper, and the kit preparation efficient (there are economies of scale here too… once I am in the resistor-strips-cutting-zombie-zone I can go on forever). I cannot be that efficient on a smaller batch.

How much would you be ready to pay for a filter board kit?

Keep in mind that I’m selling the parts, the PCB, but also the hours designing the thing, laying out the PCB, doing my best to answer the questions here, etc… :slight_smile: I hope you understand that buying a kit from me is a different kind of transaction than getting the exact same parts from Mouser or Digikey…

Maybe it would be a good idea to sell the no-exotic-parts filter boards and the controller board as separate kits? As for how much I would pay, it’s hard to say but I think it would be worth a higher price not to have to shop around and to support Mutable Instruments (if that is what it is), and I certainly would be interested…

Hmm… expect in the SMR 4 (and the upcoming Polivoks) Filter theres nearly everywhere some vintage/hard to come by/to be harvested chip. And in the SMR-4 theres nothing your small electronic store down the road wouldnt have on stock or you could get in one single order. Thats the great thing about the Shruthi and here Olivier met his goal Keep it simple: use the simplest and most readily available parts. 100%+ percent. And if you can manage to get one of the non-standard Chips (say a CEM3379, SSM2044, IR3109 or even the CEM3399 ) then you certainly should be able to source some resistors and caps…

Personally i think its up to us (not me again, please…) makin parts kits or providing public Reichelt Lists for the filter boards - i’d like to see Olivier makin great new gadgets rather then killing his time while in resistor-strips-cutting-zombie-mode. Or just takin a day off :wink:

I used to sell bags of parts (“filter board connector pack”). I removed them after a while ; first because I haven’t earned much on them (probably nothing taking into account the time preparing orders) ; and because I think it doesn’t help people understand that what I sell are unassembled products, not bags of electronic parts.

i alway found those packs of slightly-more-exotic parts (‘stuff that you don’t get from reichelt’) extremely helpful and wouldn’t mind paying a (moderate) premium for them. but of course it is for you to decide whether you have the time to prepare them. exciting new products (or time off) should definitely take priority over zombie work.

The thing that is a bugbear when sourcing the components is the strange stuff, the outliers if you will. Examples of that is the nearly standard SIP resistor pack that only Reichelt has and the power barrel connector with super skinny legs. You’ll have to get them from the preferred supplier or drill the PCB slightly, plus remove a leg from a standard SIP. The Shruthi is by far better than most other stuff out there despite those minor niggles. Everything else is dead easy! Really.

Dealing with Mouser and Digi-key is painless, the shipping cost isn’t that bad. The issue is that Reichelt deals (or used to deal) with bank transfers and not credit card payments like most sensible people. This costs 10 SEK per transaction since I’m outside the euro-zone and you have to write a whole PhDs dissertation worth of addresses and what not, constantly triple-checking for errors, instead of dealing with 16 digits, a date and a CCV2.

My wish is that the strange SIP and skinny legs barrel connector was included per PCB where used if possible. Beyond that it’s fine!

The Polivoks filter board will use big holes for the DC connector so that the “fat legs” standard part can be used - I am going to transition the other filter boards to this if I get good feedback. 6x1 SIP networks are available from Reichelt and Mouser (and used to be available from Farnell when I started the project), so it’s not that odd.

If the kits just takes time from and in no way help to finance development of new products I think kits should be dropped from the shop right away. And that’s even as I have like 200 km to the nearest supplier; BOMs for Mouser, Reichelt or even Futurelec works for me…

Well, if I stopped producing kits, I would have no income, so it would not only mean “no more Mutable Instruments products” but also serious trouble for me (yes very soon I’ll have no other job and Shruthi-1 kits will be my sole incoming source until I have other products lined up).

The price of the Shruthi-1 kits includes the parts, taxes, and a cut for me which accounts for kit preparation but also support and development. That’s why I talk about selling an “unassembled product” - there’s a significant part of the price which goes beyond the cost of parts and the cost of order preparation labor, because what you buy might look like a standard Mouser order, but has much more value. Now, would you be willing to pay this part if you ordered a mere “connectors pack”? My gut feeling is no, people would be pissed to pay a connectors pack 3x or 4x the price listed at Mouser, because to them it would be “just parts” – without realizing that I need a compensation for my work.

Then my earlier post is still valid; I like to buy kits, I like them to be separate kits for separate boards , I’m willing to pay a premium to not have to shop around and to finance Mutable Instruments’ future by doing so, and I like to support Olivier’s excellent work…


I just like to contribute in order to finance Mutable in any way, shape or form. Be it kits, PCBs or something else. Platypus T-shirts FTW!.

Im in for the T-Shirt, L please!

for me, it’s a coffee mug with that cute saraswati on it, please.

and yes, i agree with lindeborg: separate kits for digi and filter boards would be great…
(the ones based around vintage chips would be minus the vintage chip, obviously)

honestly, if i bought the parts in small quantities from the different suppliers (and there are parts from different sources) by myself it wouldn’t be cheaper too. your prices are cool.