A new feature for the MIDIpal

The MIDIpal could already do a lot of things but if it’s not enough… It can now do user programmable event filtering/remapping.

It can store up to 4 user programs, each user program containing up to 4 filtering/event remapping rules.

The user programs are created with a web app and loaded into the MIDIpal as SysEx.

Stay tuned for the release of the first batch of kits the 10th!

really nice!
imho it was one of the two important missing features.
the other one is the “velocity” midi fx from ableton live - kind of an midi velocity gate/compressor.

the midipal will really help me getting rid of the need to use a computer for something different than recording while making musik!
i dont understand why nobody has invented something like it before you. it should be possibe with a arduino or something.

its a shame my solderings sucks and i dont hav an avr programmer :frowning:
i guess I`ll hav to wait for the pre build ones.

The “map to range” on notes’ “Data B” can actually be used to do velocity range modifications. Probably not as flexible as the Ableton thing, but enough to fix the response curve of a keyboard or pads… Adding other transfer functions there (square root, square) is doable.

excellent news! no more clumsy reprogramming my midi solutions event processor! (at least that’s what i’m hoping - will remapping on the midi pal be as flexible as on the event processor? e.g. will it be possible to remap a specific range of note numbers from one midi channel onto an different range of cc data on another channel?)

i’m sooo looking forward to my (pre-assembeled) midi pals!

(at the same time i can’t help wondering: why do we have to get a new box for this? why isn’t anyone offering this kind of funcionality as core-midi-compatible ios apps? it seems so obvious! each of midipal’s wonderful features could be neatly sold as an individual app - i’d probably buy each and every one of them. i’m not criticizing olivier here, mind you - i’m really glad that you’re offering this great little box. i’m just wondering why app developers fail to do something similar. just having to program it would seem so much simpler than also having to develop the hardware to run the software. but then i don’t know a thing about either hardware or software development)

Check the web app above to see what’s possible.

The problem with this kind of MIDI processing task is that you don’t want to dedicate a “glamour” object like an iphone to it. If you want to filter two streams in your studio will you get two iphones just for that? It’s a terribly unsexy task that requires undemanding hardware - iOs device would be overkill… Also, such problems require very fast (latency-wise) and transparent solutions, and I have no idea if core-midi is actually good at that.

re web app: ah phantastic - i hadn’t seen the link there. i guess the function i was looking for ist called “ccize” plus “map to range”. so it’s all there. i don’t know what to say. pichenettes, i love you.

re ios apps: don’t know about core midi latency, but in terms of sex and glamour i can’t say i agree. those i can provide myself, thankyouverymuch. i don’t want my ipad or ipod touch to be sexy or glamorous, i want them to be useful tools. and midipal apps could be incredibly useful - not just for processing external midi but also to run in the background between other apps - like, tnr-i sequencing animoog, with a midipal remapping app translating one or two tnr-i layers into cc for animoog. (hm, ist that kind of routing even possible under ios? i only got my ipad a week ago, so i’m still a bit of a novice. but one must be allowed to dream)

or to put it differently: to the extent that i can find gadgets sexy, i find midipal immensely sexy. does that make me a pervert? :slight_smile:

11 out of 10 on the BuchtyScale™

Can you channelize data from one channel to another? If so I want it!

Yes, “Reassign to” can be used to be used to route all the matching message to a given channel. The MIDIpal already has a few built-in functions specialized in channel reassignment.

Nice additional feature …

Very nice Olivier

gotta read through the whole midipal stuff now… i even was a day late at the shop. glad i got one.

unfortunately, my funds don’t allow me to partake in midipal fun this month, i’ll grab one in the next batch i suppose…

Hey all, so I ordered my MIDIpal minutes after it went up for sale. i just wanted to say that this box is absolutely genius in theory, cant wait to get it. I bought it specifically to run my newly MIDI-fied Monotron; I know not terribly original in thought. But seriously, a Monotron with arpeggio, delay, etc…? Awesome. But essentially this box will add every feature I wish I had on every synth but dont. Wow, infact the mere thought of this box makes me really regret selling a few synths. Anyhow, just wanted to say thanks and man do I wish I had a tracking number so I could see where this thing was. Kudos!

A shipment of cases has lost its way (it was supposed to be delivered last thursday, it’s probably going to be delivered tomorrow), so 2/3 of the orders are still on hold. The tracking number will be sent to you as soon as the order is processed.

Is there any way to mod the unit for a footswitch to select these four modes?

Doable… There are 8 pads on the board connected to the chip. Normally they are designed to solder pot so the MIDIpal can be used as a 8 pots (or sensors, or pedals) controller ; but with a few lines of code (a matter of minutes to do the hack) they could be used to detect contacts and repurposed as app or program selectors.

i just had an idea for an additional little feature for the midi pal: in apps that spit out clock events (clock divder and clock source), add a menu item to configure the output as a din sync out instead of a midi out. would this be possible?

No, the pinout of the DIN sync connector is not the same, and it needs +5V levels.

ah i see.

while browsing thru the midipal manual, i was wondering: why are clock divider and clock source separate apps, anyway? why not integrate clock division into clock source? hm, to keep it simple, i guess.

but the clock source app does also sync to external clock, doesn’t it? can the ‘bpm’ parameter be set to ‘external’? if not, maybe add a ‘clock int/ext’ parameter? after all, you sometimes also want to shuffle external clock signals…

or do you use the arpeggiator app to shuffle external clock signals?

as you can tell, i’m beginning to get restless about the midipal. :slight_smile: any news on the assembeled version? is the planned release date still febuary?