A little Video how to get clean PCB'S. For beginners and also experts

Hi i have made a small video how to clean PCBs after solder. The video is in german – sorry i can’t do it in english- but i hope it is for some people interesting how to do it.
You know, a little fun must be also there…



sorry to post in german, and you may throw with capybaras at me but:

Ich hab mich bepisst vor Lachen!

That’s a fun video. I’m happy I paid some attention during German class when I was a kid. :wink:

Nice that you like it, but in fact, on clean PCBs you can see much better mistakes or bad solder points. And it looks better. I had a few requests how i get my PCBs so clean. It is a a cheap procedure to do it. And you don’t must pay 20€ for a special cleaner…


Is the blue stuff just the regular stuff you clean your plates with?

Great video! I have never cleaned my PCBs before. But I will try it when I get my white MidiALF PCB with a clear plexi case (next year).

Lol: Voice from the background: “Du hast voll die Sicherung rausgeballert!”

thijs. Yes normal stuff i clean the plates with.cj55 yes there was a short in the hair dryer. That was so funny , i dont want to cut it from the video. My son was playing a computer game , he was realy unhappy…about the short.

@tubeohm Just followed your cleaning instructions for the first time and it works absolutely perfectly! Thanks again for making that video. :slight_smile:

I tried cleaning PCBs with alcohol before, but everything just turned into a sticky mess. Doing it like this however works fine for me, especially if you repeat the whole procedure another time.

Yeah, i can understand your son. Getting fucked up in the middle of a WOW/SWTOR raid can be source of great annoyance !

Probably some MOBA game, like LoL, HoN, or DOTA…

Excellent video, too bad our dear mister fcd became incontinent after watching it :confused:

Thats partly because of my age…

nice one andré. thanks for sharing!

I was going to say that most pots/trimpots and similar “open” components most often won´t withstand “washing” - BUT, you said that in the video, so everything perfect and funny to watch :slight_smile:

thanks a lot for the video
a bit surprised that you manipulate white spirit without gloves.
I’m definitively going to try this for my next circuits.

Methylated spirits, unless I’m wrong? We just call it sprit in Denmark…

Great video. I tried rubbing alcohol on my midialf and ended up with a yellow-brownish sticky tint on everything.

I know the second bottle is dish soap, but what is in the first bottle?

IPA, the apothecary version, without tannine for making it undrinkable. In Germany we call the drinkable version sprit :wink:

hahahah gut gemacht !

Hi, i plan a second Video ,‘Lothar Löthar lötet wieder’. It is for the solder newbies and explains what tools they must use, and the ‘ART of solder’ without butcher some parts.

Soon on youtube.



@tubeohm I look forward to your take on ‘soldering for newbies’. There are plenty of instructions and examples around. Even though I’ve got a lot of advice that’s handy I think the hardest part is to understand what’s the right amount of solder. I thought I knew, but then I’ve seen some examples that look fine to my untrained eye that supposedly have far too little solder.