A little project


First piece I have posted here. There are other Shruthi tracks within my soundcloud, your feedback would be welcome!

Thank you!

How much of it is the shruthi?

Also, where you looking for technical mix/programming feedback? or just general?

I almost all, apart from the drums which is me hitting my balaliaka and claps.

All feedback welcome. Pull it apart!

The originality of timbre was fun. There was a bit of grittyness beyond what I normally find pleasing. The layers of sounds harmonically sounded good, but the lack of separation of elements could def be improved. My mind wanted to hear some thick reverb on at least 1 element. It sounded like there was 1 patch that auto-panned, but the rest seemed pretty centered. The programming was nice and then tune felt coherent and thought out. From a personal perspective (not based on actual sound quality) I think a subtle to considerable amount of glitch on the drums, would sound nice. Even if you EQ’d the glitches with a highpass to bury them in the mix a bit.

Just as a trick to what I would do with the grittyness: turn down extra distortion and or fuzz in the signal chain a bit and throw on a helping of saturation.

I do not own a shruthi, so I do not know it’s full sonic potential, so I hope my feedback is not too nitpicky.

in general: I found it a nice piece, it was pleasurable to the ear, and flowed nicely. It sounds like there is a lot of room in the mix for refinement, but you have a good grasp on programming.

Thanks for your comments!