A little help needed completing my rack

Hi everyone. I was here a few months back trying to get some advice about building a rack.
So now I’m nearing the end and have this rack but need to get it finished.
It’s a bit of a mutable make noise hybrid and I am enjoying using it but sometimes feel that perhaps it eras a little too much oh the chaotic side of things.
I am thinking about perhaps making some changes.
One thought is to lose the wogglebug and that frees up space for more vcas and a filter. Another idea is maybe to get a quantiser to bring the wogglebug under control.

I love rings and if I had the space I’d probably add a clouds but as I’m using an octatrack at the start and end of the chain and outboard reverb I don’t think I need a clouds .
Any thoughts or ideas? One wayward thought I had was to sell the dpo and get a mother 32, thus freeing up room in the modular for more modulation etc.
Any thoughts?

Clouds does a lot more than reverb, so don’t dismiss it so quickly.


Actually, it doesn’t really do reverb at all, unless you install the Parasites alt. firmware.


I’m not dismissing it, I borrowed it from a friend for a little while and really liked it but it takes up a lot of room and I can also do resampling and granular stuff with the OT

It is quite wide, that’s true.


Maybe a 2HP Tune and a XAOC Tallin(when released) could do the trick.

Yes Clouds is really big but thats good for handling. Don´t forget to add 6 HP for Shades, or any attenuverter module - super important - you get really great sounds from it with attenuating modulations and CV-control.

Or you could go for that small snazzy random because some random in the rack is very useful.

I have to say , I’m very impressed with this. Its exactly the kind of thing I was after in terms of this build, an I get to keep the random!
Excellent choices. I don’t know much about the tallin but it looks pretty good from what I can work out on modular grid.
Thanks for this advice. (And I get another mutable module too! Ripples was on my potential list)

@NuclearWhale you´re very welcome. I love thinking about small racks and finding solutions.

Tallin VCA is not available now but maybe they will come for the cold days :slight_smile:

I have just got a 2hp quantizer for the same purpose , bringing the WBug under control , The WB is one of those modules you would not use much but miss it when it’s not there. I haven’t installed it yet , and may need a magnifying glass to read the panel , but looking forward to some results.

Also got an attenuator module and yet to use that too.

I have a M N shared system with clouds replacing the phonogene , it is about 3 months old and surplus to requirements, I may consider selling that. My other cases are mostly Mutable stuff , Elements , peaks shelves veils And the clouds is in the M N rack instead of the Phonogene. I am thinking about getting a Rings and streams but need advice as to whether I am duplicating the Elements by getting the Rings.

Any advice would be welcome.

John Horrobin UK Lincolnshire.

They sure have some overlap, but Rings also has the two string physical modelling modes, and polyphony to a certain degree, which Elements lacks. It does not have the reverb though, but that’s easily added in the signal chain.

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Tks for the reply, I can see from videos and the review by Divkid , there are some features that are in Rings worth having, I think I will get it , I have seen it at a good price,