A Jam between two Shruthis, an LXR, an homemade spring stombox with piezos and more…

Hello guys,

I just uploaded a video I recorded for a gig with Ceephax in december 2015.
featuring the mighty LXR, two Shruthis and an homemade spring/piezo stompbox running through the filter of one Shruthi.

LXR and Shruthi sound great together where you lock in the groove :slight_smile:

Very nice!


What did you use to sequence them? All done by the LXR?

Thanks a lot guys!
For this solo project, I am still running ableton to sequence my hardware and trigger some samples.
I have been thinking about an mpc1000 to replace that, but for the moment I cannot afford it.
Although the LXR is quite capable of sequencing one Shruthi, I just received the Groovesizer Multiboard to use with my other collective live act and to complete the LXR.