A Glitch in the Mutable Matrix

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Well that looks like a feature not like a bug to me! :smiley:
One I wasn’t aware of though…
Jokes apart, works fine here and it seems we’re using the same OS/Browser. But we can check that. Thanks for reporting.
Make sure your video hardware isn’t starting to go bad. It’s a common problem on some MBPs.

It was in Firefox on Win10 on a iMac (i know). But it only happened this one time, so hopefully it’s just some browser hiccup.

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Mine did things like this 2 times the last 7 years. Everytime the Video Chip had to be replaced - first time by changing the MainBoard by Apple on waranty, 2nd time by a service provider who charged something like 150€. Bargain if you see Apple doesnt provice spare parts anymore…

Nooooooooo. Don’t say something like that. I had my old MBP stolen 2 weeks ago, so got this one used. Doing my thesis at the moment, so NO MORE HARDWARE SURPRISES please.

I hate to admit, but my refurbished ThinkPad 230 for 250€ running W10pro serves me without any issues for 2 years…something the late Apple Hardware struggles for.

If you are in Europe/Germany i can point you to the service provider.
TopTip for today would be making a complete Backup - just in case.

Yeah, everything is on Backblaze, github and Onedrive now, not taking any chances.

I have a Razer 13" that works a charm as well. I just really enjoy having a stationary at my studio desk, not having to haul stuff around through the city (and having it stolen again). Plus, it’s nice for my school/freetime balance to have to separated desktops, even though it’s just symbolic :slight_smile:

Thank you for bringing this up. I’ll check on it and google around to see if anyone has mentioned something similar.

Also, sorry to hear about your computer troubles :(. Hope this one ends up being good