A (General) grievous error

I have a history of overconfidence, and tackling the shruthi was no exception.

For each and every component, I soldered the leads to the pots on the underside of the board. And with a double-sided circuitboard, I think this means a no-go.

What is the best way to dis- and re-assemble the kit? Is there any reason why, after reassembling correctly, the kit won’t work?



I’m not sure I understand what you are saying you did wrong… With a double sided circuit board, there are pads on both sides of the board where each component leg goes. If you solder correctly, there will be a mechanical and electrical connection between each pad and the component leg because some solder will flow through the hole to the other side. It doesn’t really matter if you solder from the top or the bottom of the board, it’s just a lot easier to reach the pads on the other side from the component. So a part which is installed from the top is usually soldered from the bottom and the other way round, but if you can reach it you can solder from either side…

Can you post a picture so we can see better what Happened en how to resolve this?

Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the comments; ByteFrenzy, you’re definitely right that it’s a lot easier to solder the legs/pads on the underside. This is how I soldered the filter board and part of the control board, as you can see.

While you are on this thread, maybe you can direct me to a place I can find a proper power supply: “unregulated, any voltage between 7.5V and 9V, center pin positive” (from the instructions).

Thanks for your input.

depends on your location

Whoa, that’s quite the different mistake… I don’t think we’ve ever had this one before…

First things first, your kit should still mostly work, at least the mechanical side, once you fix some things :

Anything that is not a resistor will have to be mounted the correct way, particularly the ICs, they WILL take damage if you power it up like this…
Edits :

I can’t see that much wrong, most components are the “right way up” ?
This is a professionally made board, so the holes are thoroughplated, IE the connection in the hole is made both top and bottom side… Soldering the bottom side is the correct way to do it… I can’t really figure out what you did wrong, apart from the yellow capacitor you put on the back side of the board(nonpolarized, so shouldn’t be a problem).
Your soldering skills could use some improvement though(unless you were in the process of removing components when you took the pictures), the connections are supposed to look like a tit(link).

Okay, I thought it would be thoroughplated–thanks for confirming that. Maybe I didn’t do anything wrong (as far as I/we can tell); I’ll complete the kit and hope for the best!