A few colored case available

I have a few colored cases around: 4 “Red alert” red cases ; and 3 “4PM” white cases. Available here

are these honeycomb or slot?

“HexyHoneyComb they must Bee.” - Master Yoda

shoulda seen it all coming. The only thing that has been holding me back is whether to try and get a 4PM pcb pair w/chips and eventually build that as well OR to just wait for this Anushri pioneer completely and go that route…

Every time I read about the shruthi though I want one. It all comes down to $. My current kit is an MPK61 controller, APC20, iPad controller with apps/many custom lemur templates, two arduinomes (64 and 128) and VSTs/Live/Cubase. I have an roland xp-10 (relegated to being a keyboard) but want a hardware synth. Kicker with the anushri…synth AND drum machine. That and I really am into textural soundscapes. wrong thread again.

thanks for the honeyhumor though. gonna have to make a choice…grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Its not “wether” its “and”.

Yes, it’s “and” as far as getting both the Shruthis goes, let alone “and” for getting anushri as well… :slight_smile:

Seriously, they should complement each other quite nicely…

Well, for starters, I ordered the Shruthi smr4 mkii kit + red alert case + sidekick case to go along with the sidekick pcb I’m getting from shiftr and an smr4 mk1 qp is sending my way. So, yeah, uh ‘and’ = bankrupt + ‘finally got an analog to replace the mg-1 I stupidly sold several years back’ + ‘oh the trouble’; and yes, anushri pioneer run is still to be announced.

ummmmmm… um…

oh, yeah, also saw Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter this evening, highly recommended.