A farewell (?) to the old Tides


The “old” Tides is a formidable Eurorack module. The old version running TWO DRUNKS is marvellous for creating semi-random pieces. This piece was created with the two outputs from Tides in two drunks mode running into two braids oscillators. The speed of tides is FM modulated with a burst generator called speedbump, with is triggered by an EMS synthy env in cyclic mode. I’m using a joystick the speed of the tides main clock. Clouds doubles the sound a applies pitch modulation. It’s unedited, not because had a choice, my Ableton does not agree with MacOS Mojave, so this is a direct recording from my Eurorack mixer to the Disting MK4 in record mode. I’m certain the old Tides will stay. https://soundcloud.com/khidr/rec00092wav


The old Tides still has some serious magic. It’s one of my favorite oscillators, don’t think I’ll be ditching mine anytime soon.

Nice track BTW! :sun_with_face: