A DIY Minimoog? Crowminius!


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^^ thanks man, but check out the latest comment :slight_smile: Im already there ! I think there are 2 SMT parts though , with the option of replacing them with through hole!

( thanks BTW!!)

D R O O L !
Nah, i don’t want to build more gear…just joking :wink:

Nothing to say about the audio quality… but the UI layout doesn’t look very nice. How are you supposed to tweak knobs that are so close to each other?

Would have been nicer with a smaller board, and headers for wiring pots/switches, or for connecting a second “UI” board like on Anushri… Is that thing open-source?

Maybe making a bigger case with wires to the PCB would be a lot better as you said Olivier
I dont think its open source

I understand that keeping a PCB small is a good idea, but those tiny switches and sandwiched knobs kind of defeat the purpose of having a knob-per-function interface.

If they are controlling an MCU, a breakout board wouldn’t be too difficult to make, but if they have the audio signal flowing though them, a breakout box will have a high chance of picking up external noise thanks to the flying leads.

I would pick this over a Werkstatt though. If only for the MIDI. :slight_smile: Too bad it isn’t opensource.

I find the layout a bit odd too.

Still, there is always this Mini Moog clone instead, created by a french chap I believe…

Werkstatt = 1 vco 1 filter

This one has 3 vcos and (I think) two filters: Moog ladder and CS-80. It sounds gorgeous, and will be inexpensive to make. I’m in.

I made the Crowminius mainly because a good friend of mine lost his 1974 model D to hurricane Katrina in 2005. I am not a carpenter alas, so the concept sort of sat around in my head until I came across Dan Alich’s DuinoKit (duinokit.com) and decided that aluminum case would work for my purposes. Yes the controls would be compact, but that is nothing new to eurorack folks. I was trying to proof a concept of cramming the entire mini onto a single board and give it a MIDI front end. I added osc1 and osc2 PWM LFOs, and by request a S/H LFO modulation route. My SMT version aka v1.2 has 4 DAC channels to provide MIDI control of note, pitchbend, modwheel and velocity/aftertouch/expression pedal control of the filter.

Every control and jack on the model D is on the Crowminius, save for the 44-note keyboard. I did add a “glide lock” S/H circuit in the step revision from 1.1 to 1.1.2 to correctly respond to long glide rates where all keys were released before the pitch voltage reach the endpoints.

If I make a eurorack version it will be similar to the crowbx euro assembly: a host board with the jacks and controls and a voice board behind it. Probably built as two modules.