A delay everyone would love


there’s a lot of this in the Eventide EuroDDL actually.



Eventide is a fabulous DDL, in my humble…



Hmm, it’s not one I ever looked into. I’ll check it out.



Also, I can’t stop recommending to check out 4ms’ Tapographic Delay (designed by Matthias Puech, of Parasite’s fame)



how do you feel about the settings/options setup in the delay? My biggest fear with these kinds of modules is difficulty setting up the advanced options. Hows it in terms of immediacy/handling?



it’s a mixed bag of course - EuroDDL can do just about everything via the panel, unless you want to get into a couple deeper settings (clock div etc) then its long presses, hold-and-turn. but after that it can be set-and-forget because so much is on the panel and available for CV modulation.



i am really tempted by the topographic delay, but i never found any demos, which features simple sound, with slow delay to help me understand what it do precisely, each time, it finish as a super full sound, but it looks like difficult to get a normal delay sound out of it.



My dream delay is a huge-ass, 30-40HP, 16tap delay to be an alternative to rainmaker with send amount per tap and knob per function instead of the menudiving.

You could have 16 buttons, one for each tap, and a knob for all the “tap-paramterers” like pitch, filter type, cutoff, res, feedback, time, volume, pan and send… Press or hold one or more buttons and turn a knob to adjust the corresponding taps. Ideally it would have those endless encoders with LED value indication like on the old behringer midi controllers.

Then you would have “all paramters” that affect all the taps… pitch shift, tone, feedback, time, mix.

A “slope” knob to let you quickly set a slope for any tap-parameter across the taps. Example: ramp+cutoff and the cutoff increases gradually from tap 1 to tap 16.

Assignable mod inputs as well as modulation inputs for the all parameters.

At least one stereo send and return. Clock sync, Hold function with gate input. V/oct input.

A save button that lets you save 16 presets. Or 16 banks of 16 presets.



I’m failing to see how that would be more playable than the existing Rainmaker. Almost all of what you describe is exactly the Rainmaker. And it’s not menu-divey. Each button is basically one menu.
In any case, something like that seems very far from Mutable’s character. It would have to be some kind of meta UI of sorts, controlled by concepts rather than detailed programming.



I agree with cliff although individual tap send and slope knob are very good ideas feature-wise imo.

I think you can kind of think of it like this:
If elements has 64 (?) resonant band pass filters, and all their frequencies are programmed by two buttons, geometry/structure and frequency, think of what a 16-tap delay would be like in that context.
Maybe: a tilt knob shifting more taps towards the end of the delay window or to the beginning, a spread knob, spreading them further apart from eachother and yeah possibly a slope knob controlling their velocity or cutoffs.

Personally, this kind of programming excites me much more than the uber-intentional rainmaker controls. Modular is to me a bit about relinquishing control, jamming and going with the flow which gets easier the less knobs you have to turn for an appreciable effect.



Breakfast with Mr. Penrose!

Also, not to completely derail this thread:
For delays and other processing, I sometimes run my synths through my Kemper, a digital hardware guitar amp simulator that offers some great built-in effects (Christoph Kemper is also the creator of the Access Virus).

Its delay algorithms share some cool parameters with the more advanced modules out there, and also have some unique ones of their own. There’s ‘input swell’ (to smooth away the attack of the incoming signal for pad-like sounds), ‘smear’ (kind of like Clouds’ Texture past 12 o’clock?), ‘crystal’ (ethereal, shimmery reversed pitch-shifted delays), rhythmic delays (four independent delays, each with its own tempo-synced timing, volume and panning), chromatic or harmonic pitch shifting delays (to create melodies or arpeggios of up to four individually pitchable delays), a settable percentage of reversed delays to be mixed in, ‘grit’, wow and flutter (for tape simulation), freeze and infinity (infinite feedback)…

It can even be voltage-controlled, to a degree. Like most guitar gear it uses the expression pedal standard (passive controller, with the voltage coming from the device to be controlled over a TRS cable) but you can ‘convert’ it to Eurorack using a splitter cable and a VCA.



We have some Blob stickers now! More coming in the near future!



Me too. It is quite simplistic in many ways (which I like) but the ability to create your own delay rhythm just by feeling/the rhythm in your mind is fantastic.

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i love running frequency shifters and bitcrushers on the sends of my DLD. problem is that it’s really easy to veer into runaway feedback. so if mutable were to make a delay module, integrating it with warps functionality would be amazing. you could then select which mode you have on your send effect. and mutable’s take and careful precision would be such that that blooming feedback wouldn’t occur so easily.

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will you re-have Chronoblob somedays?



What do you mean?



That would be a great feature indeed, maybe with an integrated on/off switc in case you want those blooms to happen.
If youre looking to solve the problem with existing modules, the instruo tanh(3) can work as a limiter in these settings, preventing feedback blooming. Any other limiter or a compressor capable of high ratios and quick attacks will work too :slight_smile:



thanks, yeah i’ve got that on my radar. if i had the space i’d probably pick one up, but i don’t patch up feedback quite often enough to warrant kicking something else out at the moment. it does have quite an impressive variety of applications though.



…oh i saw “discontinued”…Ok theres a Chronoblob 2…sorry!

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Wow, that was great. I liked how the intro was in a different key from the melody. I used to have a good album from the 1950s with Frank and Kenny Burrell. Haven’t heard that for decades…

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