A delay everyone would love


there’s a lot of this in the Eventide EuroDDL actually.


Eventide is a fabulous DDL, in my humble…


Hmm, it’s not one I ever looked into. I’ll check it out.


Also, I can’t stop recommending to check out 4ms’ Tapographic Delay (designed by Matthias Puech, of Parasite’s fame)


how do you feel about the settings/options setup in the delay? My biggest fear with these kinds of modules is difficulty setting up the advanced options. Hows it in terms of immediacy/handling?


it’s a mixed bag of course - EuroDDL can do just about everything via the panel, unless you want to get into a couple deeper settings (clock div etc) then its long presses, hold-and-turn. but after that it can be set-and-forget because so much is on the panel and available for CV modulation.


i am really tempted by the topographic delay, but i never found any demos, which features simple sound, with slow delay to help me understand what it do precisely, each time, it finish as a super full sound, but it looks like difficult to get a normal delay sound out of it.