A delay everyone would love


A delay seems like something that would fit really well into the eurorack line of mutable.

I was reflecting on delay in general the other day and tried to figure out what are the features/qualities on a great delay. Some of this is of course my personal preference but Id like to encourage all of you to joing in on the fun. Whats the perfect delay?

  1. a clock input that works like the other clock inputs on MI modules
    Okay this is pretty specific but I cant seem to live without this type of “pattern sync” anymore. Its an amazing feeling to have a swinging weird clock sequence from eg marbles and be able to make the lfo groove along 100%. I dont even know of any VSTs that have this feature, its brilliant.
    In a delay, i think this would open up an amazing array of sounds, basically creating a multitap delay from nothing.

  2. flanger and chorus-able.
    Really short delay times are a lovely source of harmonics and movement in a sound and often create these weird acoustic sounding spaces I love. Not necessarily v/oct karplus strong because there are other modules coughringscough that outperform a simple delay for this anyways.

  3. Open feedback loop, for obvious reasons

other, less important things:
-maybe an audio rate cv input for phase modulation?
-I never really got the hype of super long delay times, I rarely go above 2-3 seconds. also, absurdly wide range delays can lead to really confusing buffer remnants (looking at you, DLD!)

Whats your take on this? Things you cant live without on a delay? Novel interfaces? pitch shifting?


Delay seems more like an utility module to me, I have the 2hp one that’s maybe why :smirk:


What I would want in a dream delay:

  • Tempo sync
  • Pitch shift / Crossfade switch similar to Chronoblob.
    • Crossfade mode much works like your #1 above, creating synchronized delays from arbitrary rhythmic patterns. Disting’s clockable delay mode is similar.
  • Feedback send/return, with a built-in one-knob compressor/limiter.
    • Prevents clipping and makes it easy to create infinitely sustaining feedback.
  • Very short delay times available, with V/OCT tracking.
    • This is good for more than just K-S, particularly with a freeze mode
  • Freeze mode :slight_smile:
    • (Optional: could have multiple ways to react to delay time changes: pitch shifting, pitch-preserving time stretch, or just changing buffer loop points.)
    • Could do punch-in/punch-out with an overwrite level knob, like a looper?
  • Variable character.
    • Clean, BBD emulation with clock noise, saturation, clock jitter, sample rate reduction, the sort of breakup that PT2399 chips do with longer sample rates, etc.
  • Lowpass filter on the wet signal, before the wet/dry knob.

I have an ER-301 on the way which is going to cover a lot of my delay needs, but not all of this quite yet (maybe in a future update).


the feedback limiter is a brilliant idea!


Variable character (tape/analogue/digital etc) would be great along with a modulation parameter to suit each “character” and a reverse delay mode…


Have you checked out the Chronoblob? It has the clock sync and the open feedback loop. I think it doesn’t quite go low enough to easily do flanges, but chorus works just fine.


the chronoblob 2 is stereo too!


I have seen the chrono2 and its quite cool. Also paper noise hitting it out of the park as usual.
Right now im trying a d0 so far its a really crazy but wonderful experience.
User interface is fiddly but the sound is seriously special.


@Papernoise you designed the Chronoblob also?


Yessir he did!


I always liked MI modules, then I found out he designed the UI for Audulus (my patcher of choice) and now I find he made my favorite panel design of all time. It’s like reading the liner notes to your jazz collection and realizing all your favorite records have Frank Wess on flute.


Delightful video! Let me return the favor


Yes partially, the other part of the credit goes to my wife Elizabeth.


ok stop it, you’re making me blush :relaxed:


I absolutely love the meditating blob character’s design, also the radiating dots. Did you also design the T-Wrex then?


Yeah, we did all the Allright Devices stuff, including the logo


I really like your cartoon characters. Let me know when you start making stationary stickers!


No stickers yet, but we have a bunch of things up here if you want to check that out: https://society6.com/papernoise and I can add stickers or basically anything else they offer if you want. Just let me know what you want added!


I gotta ask: you are a big moebius fan, arent you? :smiley:


Hahaha, you got me! Huge Moebius fan. If you’d see some of my earlier drawings, you would see that even more. It still makes me sad that he’s not with us anymore.