A couple of questions about Marbles

Hi all,

I’m new to modular but already have a few Mutable Instruments modules. The most recent module I got was Marbles, I’m loving it and accepting that it’s going to take some time to really master it, but I do have 1 issue and 1 question.

The issue is that when t is in coin toss mode, it seems to work exactly as expected from 7 o’clock to 12 o’clock. but, as soon as I go past 12 o’clock, t3 triggers a expected but t1 never triggers. I’d expect at 1 o’clock to still get quite a few triggers of t1 but that’s not the case. Have I misunderstood something, is there a hidden param that could cause this or is it not working properly?

The question is when I hold down the toggle to switch between the modes for t the light goes into a blinking mode, what does this mean? The manual documents the holding down to adjust bias and jitter for control over gate length, but I can’t find anything about the flashing mode?


If the t mode LED is blinking, you are not in coin toss mode. It seems that you are pressing on the button too long.

Short press = switch t mode.
Long press = enter an alternative, undocumented mode.


Thanks - it seems to be working as expected when not blinking. Does anyone know how the blinking mode behaves?

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Green blinking: “Independent Bernoulli”. It’s no longer an either/or choice between t1 and t3. The choices are independent, and both channels, or none of them can be on.

Orange blinking: “Deterministic divider/multiplier”. A clock division or multiplication ratio selected by BIAS is applied to t3, and its reciprocal is applied to t1. There is no randomness.

Red blinking: “Three states”. The module randomly selects between a trigger on t1, on t3, or on no output at all.


Amazing! Thank you :slight_smile: