A couple of patches I put on Reddit (84HP)

I wanted to share these from my recent /r/modular posts.

I had a ton of people private messaging me with epiphanies that they, in fact, did not need 200+ HP of rack space to make sounds and music that they enjoyed. Two guys were even so excited by this small setup that they offered to buy it from me! I felt like this was a win, because it speaks to the awesomeness of Mutable Instrument modules. Anyways, let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Bubbly Patch

Ambient with waves


yeah :slight_smile:

Percussion patch

I’ve been doing a patch every Sunday and sharing with the internet.

I just got a bigger case, Tides, and the optx module to interface with my DAW. All this really brought life to the rig!

Latest patch