A couple Anushri mod questions

1: I previously asked about adding “fuzz amount” and that is a pretty easy mod, Are there any other mods that would be as easy as adding extra pot and or resistor/cap?

2: Is there info somewhere that explains the extra solder points on the main board?

Thank you for any help!

1.There is no LFO signal since modulations are digital.

2. I’m sure there are interesting things to do by taking a signal somewhere in the audio chain and reinjecting a variable amount of it at a CV summing point.

3. Which one?

3: oh hm, I guess I was asking if there was a list somewhere that would explain, I did not have a specific one in mind.

I see these dispersed about the main board:
(pic from the DIY section)

they seem to be unlabeled points.

These unlabeled “Points” are mouning holes for the MoBo and the smaller ones are "Via"s - holes for connecting a trace on the upper side to one on the lower side. You can see that these are not intended for soldering as thy are smaller than the usual 0,7mm hole and there is no hole in the yello soldermask.

Oh, I understand. Are there any intended solder points for mods elsewhere on the board?