A cem3379 for an ssm2044 board: who wants to trade?

i’m thinking of trading my built and calibrated cem3379 filter board for an equally fully-assembeled ssm2044 board. anybody interested?

nobody? financially, i believe this is not an unattractive deal since the cem chips are rarer and more expensive than the ssm ones.

c’mon guys… the classic Prophet VS / ESQ1 Filter if i hadn’t one of each i’d trade it!

edit: oh, the above sentence is wrong - i don’t have (yet…dont tell my wife) no VS

i guess it’s not so much about people not wanting a cem3379 board. there’s probably just no-one ready to part with one of their ssm2044 boards - which i can understand perfectly well. :slight_smile:

[edit:] but then maybe there is somebody out there who likes the cem filter so much that he must have a second one for polychaining. that’s why i’m looking to trade mine: i love both filters, but i decided that i love the ssm so much more that it’s even more important for me to get a second ssm shruthi for polychaining than keep the cem one. so i’m looking for someone who feels the same about the cem filter - something like my reversed doppelgänger. :slight_smile:

of course, i could just go on and build yet another shruthi - but i feel that there might be other things in life than building shruthis all the time. i hope that is not considered heresy here. :smiley:

i would indeed do the trade. it’s just that i’ve wired all my filter boards off board. which means no audio sockets, + and - power have to be supplied externally (or the MAX need to be installed), installed headers may be different to the specified.
everything else is fine, works also. but isn’t probably what your looking for

@rosch: thanks, but you are right: what i’m looking for is a fully assembeled, regular ssm filter board which i can just swap for the cem one in one of my shruthis…

mic.w:“but i feel that there might be other things in life than building shruthis all the time.”




Burn him!

ok guys, forget it. i recant and abjure my former heresy. i’m building another shruthi.

Moar Shruthis equals pure pwnage

good for you ! :slight_smile:

yea, building another shruthi is faster than trading filter boards :wink:

maybe not faster (after all i’m getting my ssm2044 from singapore). but it does get you moar shruthi. :slight_smile:

Why did you just get one?..

get just one what? ssm? matter of fact, i’m getting two. you never no when you can use a spare ssm2044. :slight_smile:

Presumably 0.2 minutes after you discover that it takes 3 Voices to play a major/minor Chord…

wait what? i need 3 ssm shruthis to play an ssm chord?![](? damn damn damn)
well, there’s still arpeggiators, isn’t there.

no seriously, duophonic/stereophonic is fine for what i’m doing. i don’t need a polyphonic shruthi. as far as i’m concerned, polyhony is vastly overrated.