A break

It’s time for me to do something I haven’t done much in the past years… Take a break, clean my lenses and travel. Not “on the road” - a lot of family mess to attend - but still a radical change of environment, food and pace.

I’m off between the 9th and the 28th so there’ll be very limited forum and email presence from me. I’ll take a bit of EE textbooks and product design homework with me, but don’t expect me to come back with a new firmware version and an Atari ST patch editor! I might bring new things when I am back, though. At least a few more sarees to serve as backgrounds for new product photos :slight_smile:

What? no Atari patch editor? And I was going to buy one just to have that!
hehe, take your holiday… I can’t think of anybody who deserves it more!

Enjoy your time mate.

I was beginning to think you’d never take a holiday, you crazy hard-working person, you :slight_smile:

You’ve done amazing stuff over the last year. A holiday is much deserved, and I hope you enjoy it greatly.

Have a great holiday and merry Christmas.

Hey Olivier,

get a break, do something completely different, sleep, have a drink with a SunUmbrella in it…time to get relaxed and your mind free for all the things that will come in the future. Have Fun!


Yep Olivier,
have a nice break and enjoy it ! Thanks again for your hard stuff !
See ya soon !
Merry christmas !-]

what’s holliday mean???

Empty ur head, and occupes toi de toi un peut!


Cool man, have a great break.

Whats your cell phone number in case i need some help ?


Have a good one!

You dare leave us with a teaser like this: http://mutable-instruments.net/node/11681 ?

The picture in the bottom-right is a IR301 board!
This filter is (mostly) responsible for “the Roland sound” and was featured in the following iconic synths: SH101, MC202, Jupiter 6/8, Juno-6, and Juno 106!

Too bad it will be another hard-to-find IC. Still, this is a very cool idea!